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Healing Minds .Healing Lives

Mr.Jini K.Gopinath

Mr.Jini K.Gopinath

Mind Matters is a global mental health initiative founded by Mr Jini K Gopinath. The company focuses on the psychological services that are provided to an individual as well as to organizations (schools and companies). Psychological services range from individual assessment and counseling to psycho-educational workshops training programs, coaching, family and group therapy.


The company addresses unique issues that the individual may find debilitating. The significance and inter-related web of values, faith, relationships, goals and needs are carefully sieved through to facilitate a better level of awareness. We, at Mind Matters partner with our clients through these struggles, to discover the strength within and focus the energy on positive growth and holistic integration of oneself.


We move towards achieving a state off ‘well being ‘. Dunn in 1961, stated that well being or wellness referred to, a unified method of functioning, which facilitates the discovery or rediscovery and use, of the innate potential of the individual. It required the individual to maintain a perpetuity of balance and purposeful direction, learning to operate effectively within the existing environment.


The basis of our practice has its roots in three schools of thought, they being – Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Hypnotherapy. These perspectives provide a framework of exploring behavior, emotions and thoughts, according to the needs of the individual.


Our team consists of dedicated, passionate, and qualified professionals who operate from an empathetic, ethical and non-judgemental stance. We also have affiliates (Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, General Physicians) working alongside to facilitate convenience and ensure accessibility.